New York Medical Spa Leadership: Roya Jafarai Hassad of Doctor Roya Institute

Dr. Roya Jafari-Hassad

People are becoming more proactive in controlling their health as a result of technological improvements and easier access to information. Doctor Roya Institute is in charge of a mission to close the gaps in professional knowledge and comprehension of healthcare options and resources because there are still large disparities in these areas.

Here, Dr. Roya Jafari Hassad, a prominent medical professional, leader in healthcare, and committed philanthropist from New York, describes the goals, offerings, and prospects of the Doctor Roya Institute.

What is the goal of the Doctor Roya Institute in terms of healthcare and anti-aging?

We are committed to helping our patients learn about how to improve themselves on all three levels: physically, psychologically, and spiritually. While bridging the gaps between patients and healthcare leaders, including doctors, nurses, and other healthcare professionals, we are committed to raising awareness and empowering communication. We intend to get people talking about their struggles and roadblocks while also offering doable ideas to raise the standard of care. Our ultimate goal is to improve society’s health and encourage people to live more satisfying lives.

Explain the primary services Doctor Roya offers, who they are for, and what solutions they offer.

We provide a broad range of medical and aesthetic services that are intended to diagnose, prevent, and cure illnesses as well as improve overall well-being and beauty. To provide our patients with the highest possible standard of treatment, we engage with the most cutting-edge, modern research and technologies. Comprehensive wellness exams, energy medicine, diagnostic lab work and tests, aesthetic procedures like non-invasive face and body rejuvenation, hair loss treatments, weight loss programmes, the treatment of chronic pain and other conditions using non-pharmaceutical alternatives and advanced medicine, hyperbaric oxygen therapy, ozone therapy, biofeedback, cell therapy, and much more are just a few of the services we offer.

As Dr. Roya Jafari Hassad, you are known to patients from New York; could you tell us about your charitable endeavours?

My goal in life is to always improve my knowledge and abilities to be the best version of myself. To share my personal growth with the world in a loving way, I want to align it with the strength of my intellect, heart, and soul. My objective is to spread this light to others and to encourage one person, then one community, then one nation, and finally, one globe, to follow suit. I am a strong proponent of unity. I believe that the most effective treatment is love.

I think that the lines between different political, religious, and economic ideologies should disappear. People ought to be categorised according to the breadth of their knowledge, their love of others, and their willingness to inspire and empower others. When it comes to heart and mind generosity, wealth should be used to assist people who have fewer opportunities. This strategy will help to build a better, safer society where we may completely appreciate the gift of life that God has given us and truly embrace the joy of living in the here and now. This will ultimately enable humanity to enjoy the highest levels of freedom and fulfilment.

What are your future ambitions for the Doctor Roya Institute and where do you envision the anti-aging industry going? Have any advice for our readers?

Preventive and anti-ageing medicine, in my opinion, is the way to the future of medicine. As long as we can use this rapidly expanding field to bring harmony and balance into our lives, it will help us have a higher quality of life. Our main goal at Doctor Roya Institute is to join this amazing revolutionary movement for a better world because I believe the next generation of doctors and healthcare leaders will be awakened, highly experienced and educated experts and masters in utilising the power of mind, heart, and soul to heal the world.