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Apple Store: A New Era of Convenience and Personalization

Meta-description: Discover the exciting features and benefits of Vietnam’s first online Apple Store, including installment payment options, new product collections, student discounts, and door-to-door delivery. Experience a wide range of Apple products and services, personalized product selection, and more.


The online Apple Store, which commenced operations on May 18th at 9 am, brings a fresh wave of convenience and innovation to Apple enthusiasts in Vietnam. This virtual storefront offers an array of utilities and services that surpass the traditional brick-and-mortar shopping experience. From installment payment options to new product collections, student discounts, and door-to-door delivery, the online Apple Store provides an unparalleled level of convenience and accessibility for customers.

Flexible Payment Options

Similar to Apple authorized resellers (AARs) in Vietnam, the online Apple Store allows users to take advantage of installment payment plans. However, this digital platform offers some notable differences. Unlike AARs, which typically support installment periods of up to 12 months, the online Apple Store extends the repayment duration to a more accommodating range of 6 to 24 months. Users can opt for installment payments through financial service providers or their bank’s credit card.

To facilitate this payment option, Apple requires buyers to make an upfront payment of 20% of the order value. Additionally, an installment interest rate of 1.67% applies. Notably, installment payments can only be made through a dedicated service package associated with the MoMo e-wallet, excluding other provider options. Alternatively, customers can choose to make direct payments in full using credit cards or domestic bank accounts.

Device Upgrade Programs

The online Apple Store introduces the “Old Autumn Renewed” program, building upon a policy that has been present in Vietnam for the past few years. This program aims to help users extend the lifespan of their devices and reduce costs associated with upgrading. Unlike third-party providers, Apple regulates and applies consistent pricing globally.

To participate in the program, users must answer a few questions about the condition of their old devices. The system then determines the proposed price for the trade-in, which is deducted from the purchase of a new device. Equipment collection takes place at the buyer’s address, although this method may result in longer waiting times compared to collecting old devices directly from AAR stores.

Apple’s popular discount programs

Apple’s popular discount programs for students, educators, and businesses are now available through the online Apple Store in Vietnam. While domestic sellers often provide student discounts according to their programs, Apple ensures a uniform policy nationwide, consistently applied to its products and services.

Similarly, units, educators, and businesses with professional equipment needs can also take advantage of this discount program when purchasing Apple products.

Tailored to Your Preferences

The online Apple Store introduces exclusive features for personalizing product selection. Customers can customize their MacBook’s configuration, selecting options such as RAM and internal memory, according to their specific requirements. The ordered products are delivered to the customer’s address within a few days.

Additionally, for Apple Watch enthusiasts, the online interface allows customers to try out different types of watch bands before making a purchase, enhancing the shopping experience and ensuring satisfaction.

Adding a Personal Touch

One standout service offered by the online Apple Store is the ability to engrave purchased products with a personal touch. This service, soon to be available in Vietnam, sets it apart from AARs. Most products will be engraved free of charge, providing users with a unique imprint on their devices. This eliminates the need for third-party engraving services, ensuring quality and avoiding any potential negative impact on the product.

However, it is worth considering that engraving may affect the resale value of the device. While it adds a personal touch and uniqueness to the product, potential buyers may have different preferences. Therefore, it’s advisable to carefully consider the long-term implications before opting for engraving.

Door-to-Door Delivery: Convenience at Your Fingertips

The online Apple Store in Vietnam offers a hassle-free shopping experience with door-to-door delivery. Customers can place their orders from the comfort of their homes and have their desired Apple products delivered right to their doorstep. This eliminates the need for travel and physical interaction, making it a convenient and safe option, particularly in times of social distancing measures.

Extended Warranty and AppleCare+

Similar to purchases made through Apple-authorized resellers, customers who buy from the online Apple Store can enjoy the standard Apple warranty. Additionally, AppleCare+ is available for extended coverage on eligible products. This comprehensive protection plan offers additional benefits such as accidental damage coverage, priority access to Apple experts, and global repair coverage.


The online Apple Store in Vietnam ushers in a new era of convenience, personalization, and accessibility for Apple enthusiasts. With flexible installment payment options, device upgrade programs, student discounts, and door-to-door delivery, customers can enjoy a seamless shopping experience. The ability to personalize product selection, engrave devices, and access extended warranty and AppleCare+ further enhances overall customer satisfaction. Embrace the future of Apple shopping in Vietnam with the online Apple Store, where innovation meets convenience.