Do Follow: Where Can You Find Do Follow Comment Blogs?

Commenting on other blogs is an excellent way to obtain backlinks, and connections from a do-follow blog instantly boost your site’s exposure in search engines as well as your page rank. There are hundreds of blogs on the internet where you can leave comments, but only a few of them are truly do-follow.

How do you locate do follow blogs or web pages in your niche? Continue reading to find out:

There are two tools you may use to check whether links from a blog are to follow or not.

No Do Follow Firefox Add-on (Mozilla)

Once you’ve added this to your browser, you’ll be able to check whether a link from a website or blog is Do Follow or No Follow.

NoDoFollow Firefox Add-ons will highlight links in a document and present them using color codes as No Follow or Do Follow.

The blue tint signifies do follow, while the red color suggests no follow. To enable or disable it, simply right-click and select “NoDoFollow.”

Click Here to Download the NoDo Follow Firefox Add-on


SEO for Chrome delivers SEO statistics and tools that make SEO tasks a breeze. It is also one of the most widely used SEO plugins for Google Chrome on the internet.

How the SEO for Chrome Plugin Works:

After installing this plugin, you can easily get comprehensive details of any website or blog that you open in your.

Google Chrome Browser.

An SEO Button can be found in the top right corner of your Chrome browser. Click on that icon to have access to your SEO for Chrome Plugin. Some characteristics of the site that is opened include Google page rank, Alexa, backlinks, indexed pages in Google, indexed pages in Bing, search status, social sharing, cached pages, domain details, and so on.

All of this is available with the click of a mouse. Check the box at the bottom of the plugin information to determine if the links are Do/No follow.

How to Use Google to Find Do Follow Blogs in Your Niche

You can use this strategy to find any type of site. sites that use comment Luv Premium, sites with top commentators’ plugin, and so on. In my next post, I’ll explain why you should look for sites other than do follow or No follow

How to Find Do Follow Blogs:

Search for the following terms in Google Your Keywords ” Notify me of follow-up comments

Notify me of follow-up comments?”

  1. How to Find KeywordLuv Blogs
  2. “Enter Your Name@Your Keywords”

How to Find CommentLuv Premium Blogs

  • Your Keyword “This blog uses Premium comment Luv” “The comment Luv version on this site is no longer supported.”
  • How to Domains.
  • How to Blogs in Your Niche
  • Your keyword location:
  • “You must be logged in to leave a comment.” gov inurl: blog
  • To sites, update the site: gov to site: Edu parameter.

Remember to leave the quote marks (” “) in place when searching.

While commenting on other sites, I sometimes ignore the “no follow” and “do follow” things because a No follow link from a good domain will get you good traffic and improve your page rank.

What are commentluv blogs?

Commentluv blogs are personal, business, or professional blogs that have the comment luv plugin installed and functioning on their website.

The Commentluv plugin on its own is a tool that encourages users to leave a comment on your blog by providing two links to their website and another to their Twitter profile. The first link takes you to their blog’s homepage, while the second one takes you to any of their ten most recent blog articles.

Influencers, freelancers, and digital marketers love the plugin.

Where can I discover comment luv sites?

This is the simplest portion because it only takes a few seconds: Simply enter the phrase “This blog uses comment Luv” into a search engine. Wait for the results to appear before selecting blogs pertaining to your niche for commenting.

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