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With Medium Frequency Technique Induction Heating Units!

Induction heating units with medium frequency technology are suited for both thermal mounting and thermal dismounting, in contrast to induction heating devices. It is also possible to heat very massive and heavy components using induction heating equipment.

The Heating Procedure:

  • Most often, temperatures between +80 °C and +100 °C are necessary for the bearing to expand sufficiently. It is necessary to adhere to the maximum heating temperature during the heating procedure. The structure and hardness of bearings may be negatively impacted by temperatures greater than 120 C in the bearings. Every heating system enables continual temperature adjustment.
  • These units can also be employed in mobile applications because of their great degree of flexibility and small size. They can therefore be utilized, for instance, for huge and challenging-to-carry components at wind turbine sites.
  • Each unit consists of a generator and an inductor that is placed on the component that has to be heated. A rigid or flexible inductor is utilized, depending on the requirements. Depending on the particular application, flexible inductors are utilized to encircle the hole or the part’s outer diameter.
  • The producer of flexible induction melting furnaces offers huge parts like the equipment mounted in wind turbines and bearing inner rings that may be heated. The inductor’s length is established in relation to the component’s dimensions.
  • Particularly for series applications, rigid inductors are appropriate. Short lead times and a high level of process security are more significant in this situation than flexibility, which is given less weight.

The following benefits of using medium frequency induction heating units:

  • adequate for mounting,
  • Convenient for disassembly.
  • 10 to 25 kHz is the operating frequency,
  • better than 99% efficiency of the generator.
  • little energy usage.
  • minimal heating periods.
  • heating with temperature and time controls, in addition to various operating modes,
  • robotic degaussing,
  • the potential for both flexible and rigid inductors,
  • the use of inductors within and outside the component
  • Compared to mains frequency heating equipment, lower mains connection power
  • operating in almost silence,
  • cooled by air system,
  • Common Motives for Using Heat Generators

Improved effectiveness:

Costs associated with energy can be greatly decreased with the use of HEAT GENERATOR devices. The HEAT GENERATOR functions with a substantially better degree of energy efficiency than traditional heating devices, with an efficiency level of over 90%.

increased output:

Induction power supply units for HEAT generators heat components more quickly than mains frequency units, boosting productivity.

More adaptability:

Since the HEAT GENERATOR is 40% lighter and far more portable than the previous model, it can be used in places that are difficult to access. Depending on the application, mounting and removing operations can be carried out using rigid or flexible inductors.

Greater protection:

Temperature regulation minimizes overheating of the item and makes handling simple and secure.


  • Regarding bulky, hefty components:
  • system for digital control
  • touch-screen control
  • A generator and an inductor, which may be rigid or flexible, are also included.

Discrete Inductors:


They were created especially for this purpose.

They are portable and simple to attach to an object.

They are particularly well suited for removing axle box bearings, labyrinth rings, and bearing rings in mass production.

Dynamic Inductors:

They are used to cover gaps or to be attached to the piece’s exterior and resemble cables.

Depending on the purpose, they can be up to 40 meters long.

They are incredibly flexible and work well with a range of parts, although they are best suited for big bearings, gears, housings, etc.