Expert gold jewelry maker and High Professional designer Megan-Marie!

Megan-Marie creates custom gold jewellery.

Megan-Marie is a renowned gold jewellery designer who prioritises quality and craftsmanship and is known for her collections of expensive handcrafted gold jewellery. Her collections have in the past quickly sold out because of the admiration she receives from her clients. Her upmarket, brand-new “Althea Collection,” which includes one-of-a-kind designs for 14k solid gold chains created by her, has just lately made a comeback. The collection, which is motivated by the textures and patterns of nature, aims to reinvent and modernise the frequently encountered jewellery motifs from Greek mythology. Megan-Marie handcrafts each order in order to have the jewellery match each client’s measurements as perfectly as possible. There will be additional chain patterns available soon.

Astonishing Chain of Collections:

Amazing Chain Collection:

According to Megan-Marie, each chain in this collection has a unique design that is different from the standard styles that are frequently found in stores and online. “What I love most about these chains is that they can be customised to fit your specific body shape and sense of style. I really believe everyone can look and feel amazing while donning one of these distinctive, classic chains, whether it’s a hefty bracelet, a short necklace, or a stunning anklet. Moreover, expect more from me!

Collection Spearhead

Crown with a spearhead

This customised miniature 14k yellow gold spear hangs gracefully from a delicate 18′′ cable chain (Note, the chain featured with the grouping of spears is a rope chain, not a cable chain.)

The shape and scale of this piece of art, which was motivated by the desire to always and shamelessly express our whole self, the assertive and the gentle elements, and everything in between, reflects that balance.

Hammer Ring

This custom-made 14-karat gold ring is imbalanced on purpose and is made to order. It is a subtle yet potent example of how to be imperfectly perfect. To preserve each item’s distinct quality, production is limited for each design.

Eagle Earrings

These simple arrowhead loops are made by hand in 14k gold. They are simple, light, and about 2.5 cm tall for everyday use.

made by hand. manufactured using sustainably sourced gold. Please allow two to four weeks for production.

Chain Design Categories:

The “Althea Collection chain “‘s designs are highly adaptable and may be changed to suit any client’s requirements. These are a few of the things in the collection.

 Megan-Marie Chine:

According to Megan-Marie, the inspiration for the Helios Chain came from the mythical Greek god Helios, who in art is portrayed as the sun. When assembled, the chain’s organic texture creates a crisp, contemporary line that is meant to evoke the Mediterranean Sea’s dazzling surface on a sunny day The author stated, “I wanted it to have an airy, opulent ambience that was also warm and unhurried.” through Megan-Marie.

Megan-gold Marie’s jewellery is described as follows:

In addition to making gold jewellery, Megan-Marie holds a degree in physical therapy. She is a first-generation American who comes from a working-class area of Boston. She had always been fascinated by jewels even if she liked sports. This enthusiasm turned into love while she was in her mid-20s and sought a creative outlet.

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Conclusions summary:

The length of each piece is carefully chosen to suit your personality, taste, and inherent features whether you’re seeking for a new accessory to wrap around your ankle, wrist, neck, or all three. That distinguishes Megan-constantly Marie’s Althea Collection as being special.